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Overlooking the City

Let the Snow Go on!



Deux fois deux

Married Couple


Turning their Backs ...

Two Plus Three Equals Five

The Love of your Life

It's Okay!

Veterinarian Examining Dog

Female veterinarian examining dog

Veterinarian examining spanish greyhound dog

Paper model for the 30th birthday / anniversary, with a woman in the limelight and many photographers on the red carpet

Ein Kothaufen / Scheisshaufen liegt auf einer Wahlurne, während ein Mann seinen Stimmzettel abgibt

Letting Go

Whatsapp Converstion?

Keeping an Eye on Things

Surprise on the Platform

Kühe laufen frei auf der Alm

Resting for a Moment

Two is a Company ...

People and Paths

The Clean Red Carpet

Close-up of a pink tablet in the hand of a girl with a pink manicure

Panneaux de coffrage

Scraping the Sky

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