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three's company

three's company

Down in the pawpaw patch ...

We checked out a new trail this weekend and found ourselves surrounded by fluttering Zebra swallowtails! So we immediately looked around and sure enough - we were in a pawpaw patch. Pawpaw's being small trees that are their host plant. This mating pair kept being attacked/joined by other males. The light wasn't in my favor but I was thrilled to come upon a mating pair. And notice the long tails - I've heard that the summer brood has the longer tails and I've rarely seen them. The very first Zebra I ever saw was racing away from me with this long, magical tail fluttering behind it! Compare to the shorter tails at a different location a month ago.

>> mating Zebra swallowtails @ Pine log trail, Bartow Co. GA

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Photo taken on 28 April 2018 (© Vicki's Nature / Flickr)

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