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Tolstoy in Kishinev Moldova Wine tasting at the Cricova Winery The White Lenin at a Tiraspol School Stain glass in Tiraspol High School Tiraspol main market The Embassy of Abkhazia and South Ossetia in Tiraspol Bendry Castle Inside the restored Дворец культуры, (Palace of Culture) Some of the Group a monument to the site of an important breakthrough battle during the Kishnev-Jassy offensive in the Great Patriotic War Scenes at the River Port Monument  Honoring the construction of the original Sarcophagus Palata No 6, Kiev, Ukraine Statue of Lenin Chernobyl, Ukraine The Basketball Court, Pripya, Ukraine The Swimming Pool, Pripyat, Ukraine The White Lenin A pleasant early summer evening in Tiraspol Scenes at the River Port Scenes at the River Port Scenes at the River Port Railroad bridge over the cooling water channels Giant Carp in the cooling water channel Reactor 4 and The New Safe Confinement Radioactive area near Pripyat Chernobyl Town ChernobyTown Kindergarden and Day Care facility in the Exclusion Zone The unfinished Reactor 5 Apartment building detain, Chernobyl Town Chernobyl Nuclear Power Station
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