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Wadi Hadramaut, Yemen Swimming hole at Wadi Daerhu, Socotra Island, Yemen Battles rage in Yemen's port city of Hodeida, trapping civilians in crossfire Locals filling their bottles with public waters. Sanaía, Yemen Photo Foad Al Harazi World Bank Sunset at the harbour Eastern part of the city Backyard with goats and chicken Tradtional houses with garden YEMEN 2007-0760 (02-02)-La moschea Al Asha'ir-Un passante Centuries old cistern in town of Hababa, Yemen Fort Al-Ghwayzi Road on the Jol (el-Jawl) plateau Paved road Shibam - from the mountain's edge Al-Hajarein - Entrance road to the village Mud brick houses Threshing floor Sanaa-traditional houses Sanaa-late afternoon Kahel cistern Flowers Bayt al-Faqīh 10 Bayt al-Faqīh 11 Tihama Rain in the mountains Children in Amran Old Ma'rib Thula tradtional stone house YEMEN 2007-0779a (03-02)-Yfrus-Giovane osservatrice YEMEN 2007-0883a (04-02)-Suq Al Dhaban-In giro per compere
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