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A spoonful of spring

A spoonful of spring

A Spoonful of Spring

Wild violet and dandelions as a base, all picked this morning from my front lawn - err, garden?... and placed onto my favourite yellow spoon.

Macro Monday theme: “A Spoonful”

“Wild Violet is a perennial broadleaf weed. It is typically found in shady moist areas although they can grow in full sunlight as well. Violets are low growing and spread aggressively. They can be identified by their heart shaped leaves which tend to cup towards the petiole and have rounded teeth on the margins. The surface of the leaves have a waxy coating which make it difficult for control products to penetrate and be effective. The flowers of the wild violet range from blue, purple, to white and generally appear from March until June. The flowers are pansy like with three lower petals and two lateral petals.”

Source: blog.nutrilawn.com/weed-of-the-week-wild-violets

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Photo taken on 12 May 2019 (© joanne clifford / Flickr)

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