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67 Rose St

67 Rose St

Happy Window Wednesday!

Yellow shutters on a building at 67 Rose St in Edinburgh, UK. I walked by these yellow shutters and door several times while in Edinburgh. Each time I passed them, I would admire their bright yellow colour and smile. On this very rainy day in Ottawa, looking at their cheery sunny colour has already brightened my mood 😊

Rose St: “Designed as part of James Craig’s New Town plan in 1767, Rose Street was named after the national flower of England, a consciously unionist paring with Thistle Street. In the 19th century, Rose Street gained a reputation as a seedy backwater, not a place for the respectable classes to be seen after dark…”

Today, Rose St is a pedestrian lane-way that is teeming with pubs, restaurants, shops, and tourists.


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Photo prise le 21 juillet 2018 (© joanneclifford / Flickr)

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