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Fall colors on the Dead River IMG_0852 Layers of sheds - Explored #258, 9 October 2019 Autumn melancholy Fall Colors at Lake Sabrina in the Eatsern Sierra Vinita, Oklahoma, USA Testimonies From Experiencing God's Judgment in the Last Days Canola Field Windmill 5644 B Sights From Today's Hike My Own Yellow Trumpet Tree. Spring is coming in 4 days. Vicini vicini Instant sunshine (Explored) Girasoli Saranac Lake  New York  - Kayaking The Significance of God's Managing Mankind St-Michel-de-Montaigne, Dordogne, France Sunrise in the mountains near Kiefersfelden, Bavaria, Germany Avispa asiática (Explored) Washington Hebrew Congregation - Washington DC -  Greater New Hope Baptist Church Close encounter In the countryside among millions of flowers To the end of Summer Danse avec la lumière Light Painting Light Paintings Light Paintings Evening on the rocks Leinkraut -Wildes Löwenmäulchen Sonnenblumen Sunflowers Fall Colors Bishop Creek
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