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steadfast stone figure greets summit hikers up & down the White Mountain (Haku-san) erosion control dam, Mt. Hino's west slope - November panorama 2017 Nov. 7 morning hike sturdy trail steps to the top of Gyoji-ga-dake posted sign describes medieval mountaintop fort here blanketed by leaves up the moutainside wide end of the Aratani valley wide end of the Aratani valley afternoon light at Aratani shrine small rope marks the tree or space as sacred trail and bench overlooking part of Imadate, below long distance hiking map, including mountain top Ichijodani, Sunday morning hike to mountain route Ichijodani-Gate of the Castle (earthworks c. 1475) ichijodani, signage Mt. Ichijo-shiroyama, defensive position c. 1500 panorama 2016 Nov 12 at the Hino-shrine, hino jinja climbing Mt. Hino, fencing out the bears & boars DSC09494 DSC09495 DSC09499 DSC09500 DSC09497 DSC09502 DSC09501 DSC09503 DSC09509 DSC09504 DSC09506
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