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Fishing. Catch of the Day              IMG_3350s XOKA4648s XOKA4669s XOKA2626s Sailing 2016 San Diego Parade of Lights - 10 Menorcan sunrise XOKA3844bs img_3138S IMG_3183bs IMG_3203bs IMG_3163bs XOKA1687bs XOKA0912BS XOKA0858BS Jet Surf (Jetsurf) or Fliteboard - Electric Hydrofoil Surfboard in Haven marina of Phuket island, Thailand Surin and Similan archipelago, yacht cruise and underwater photos At anchor in Shanklin Bay Agia Effimia Port May 2018, A+K+A May 2018, A+K+A Fishing at Racha Noi near Phuket, Thailand Fishing at Racha Noi near Phuket, Thailand Graffiti in Copenhagen 2016 Ibiza Yacht Swanage XOKA1293BS XOKA1247S IMG_2143BS
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