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At the kiosk Street view Transporting jerry-cans Boran cattle Researcher Gizachew Gemechu undertaking a research survey Flock of goats, Borana Borana woman herding small ruminants Borana woman and donkey Surveying farmers, Borana Borana village Portrait of Borana children Mother and child Researchers undertaking a survey Veterinary student Aurélia Garrigues surveying villagers Goats resting, Borana Borana village Borana woman collecting water Borana farmer and researcher Borena woman Boran cattle grazing on pasture Young girl next to her home in Borana Sheep with Coenurosis disease, Borana Goats grazing on pasture, Borana Small ruminant and salt Portrait of a Borana woman A Borana woman sorting crops Portrait of a goat, Borana Borana women farmers and their children Portrait of young Boran cattle Portait of young Boran cattle
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