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Boran goat Young Borana girl Traditional chicken house A pastoralist family checks their photo Young Borana boy Young pastoralist: takes care of family goats Boran cattle Borana sheep and goats Borana kid leads his livestock for grazing during the only rainy season in Borana (dry land) area looks green Borana women Pastoralists in Borana A pastoralist family in Borana Bird in Yabello Borana women Boran cattle Kids play with a fly Kid plays with a fly Kid plays with a fly Waiting for petrol: they must come soon: I can't face any more of your jokes Waiting for petrol: a slow day Boran cattle Boran cattle Waiting for petrol: when will they get here? Waiting for petrol: soon Waiting for petrol: when did you say they were coming? Composition: Oil drums Composition: Oil drums Composition: mingling of plastic and metal Composition: jerry cans
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