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Desert Dust.

Desert Dust.

Off to Vietnam this afternoon so there will be a delay until I can post more shots..

Contrast this with my last shot (fog rider December 2003).

7 years later (2010) the bike has changed, I got older and fatter and decided that riding in the cold and wet wasn't the best way to ride. So a trip to the edge of the sahara desert. ...... I WAS WRONG...... the heat, the dust, the flies, people all over the place.

At least the cold and wet means the tourists are safely tucked up at home or out here in the sun.

Hemyock Devon UK to Mhamid Morocco and back 4895 miles.

Riding in the heat would be great in jeans and a "T" shirt with no helmet and a pair of sun glasses. but if you fall off, there is no protection, this gravel acts just like a cheese grater and you are the cheese,,,,, and that's the least of your worries miles from anywhere few words of Arabic, limited medical supplies, well you get the idea.

So riding gear that's heavy and armoured is a good idea but boy was I hot.

(plus d'infos...)

Photo prise @ Agdz le 25 avril 2010 (© Neil. Moralee / Flickr)

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