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Skye 2019 Urban Icon Old Faithful at the Strand. Roadside repairs. (Stelvio Pass). Stelvio. There be dragons here! Get the waterproofs on ! Desert Dust. Riding south from North Cape Norway 3 Wise men ? Rheinfähre Altrip im Abendrot Beinn na Caillich View over the brewery. this is why snow rated tyres make sense Africa Twin in the snow (1) Africa Twin in the snow (2) Africa Twin at the Millau Bridge Africa Twin on the road south from North cape Africa Twin. Supper on the road to Murmansk Africa Twin. Camping Russian style The road to Murmansk Tea break Flüelapass Sommer-Sonnenuntergang am Feldrain Lost Place in Pritzwalk Africa Twin am Feldrand Am Kauppenkreuz, Waldaschaff Beim Kauppenkreuz Waldaschaff Felder-Blick Uettingen Kreuzfelsen
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