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Continuous progress: pedal box fitted Plate detail on Jaguar XJ-S transporter... XJ-Ses and a circuit rarity: Jaguar 420... Battle in Hugenholz: XJ-S and 420 saloon Comparing for size: the 'boat rudder' will go! Comparing for size: the 'boat rudder' will go! Momo bos and wheel in: time for horn wiring! Easy: horn buttons wired in Result: far more elegant (and driveable!) than the wheel it replaced Still there: original keyring Long live new old stock: new window switch bezel Not needed: auto gearbox and restrictive exhaust bits IMG_4216 Delivery time: back from the workshop Back on the driveway Offloading the modified XJ-S Leftovers... Nice detail: original dealership key ring Oooops.... XJ-Ses ready to race Pre-race fettling Battle for 1st & 2nd position Waiting for the final heat Series XJ and XJ-S ready to race Powerbell XJ-s moving to the start grid Powerbell 'Black No. 6' JEC Races: Powerbell XJ-S 'Rather wet' 'white 27' Powerbell XJ-S
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