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Tourelle Galopin Caisson Japan Attack Entrée de Guerre Wisconsin National Guard YMCA Amphitheratre at Camp Humphreys, VA ca1918 NARA165-WW-524F-012 . 17_0653_111_Back Cover Archiv E997 SPAD S.XIII Messines Ridge British Cemetery Australians bathing at Cape Helles [Turkey] ANZAC Cove, Gallipoli - Image taken by Captain Walter Lancelot Moore Fort de Frouard Fort De Frouard Breendonck 2016 Batterie de l'Hopital Canadian machine gunners setting up a Vickers machine gun in a shell hole, Vimy Ridge, April 1917 / Des mitrailleurs canadiens installant une mitrailleuse Vickers dans un trou d’obus, crête de Vimy, avril 1917 48th IBCT fwerf thgsdfs Sopwith Pup D4170 Tyabb 2016 Submarine Co. Yards, Newark (LOC) Number 2087 WILKS, Melville Taylor (left) Number 2088 WILKS, Hubert William (Middle) Number 2089 WILKS, Lancelot Frank (Right) Belton Living History 2015 30,000th Last Post Ceremony on 9 July 2015 in Ypres, Flanders Fields Southern California National Donut Day 2015 . Fort de Douaumont Poem by a returned World War I Soldier Arriving soldiers and their family
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