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Tourelle Galopin Traverse abri . . Allied troops examining captured Albatros aircraft of the Luftwaffe, France / Les troupes alliées examinant un avion Albatros de la Luftwaffe qu’ils ont capturé, en France #70/100 - Step Short Arch WWI practice trenches at Larkhill, Wiltshire Southern California National Donut Day 2015 AL-44 1st Aero sq Album Image_000191 WWI Plane 17_0653_111_Back Cover SPAD S.XIII Sopwith Pup D4170 Tyabb 2016 Submarine Co. Yards, Newark (LOC) Messines Ridge British Cemetery Australians bathing at Cape Helles [Turkey] Portrait photograph - J.A. Hallahan. Sydney Harbour Trust staff killed in action in WWI S.O. Larson - Deceased soldiers Agriculture Department . Poem by a returned World War I Soldier Looking North East from Waterloo Farm, 5 Oct 1917 Massed Bands and Honour Guard David Cameron at the Battle of Loos Memorial Moonta Mines Sunday School, 1914 Reggie Nathaniel Item 58 Philip Babcock Collection_000346 Nieuport XI 'Bebe',  Musée de l'Air et de l'Espace, Le Bourget, France. PC Alfred Smith - Memorial to Heroic Self Sacrifice AL25_000278
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