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train station at Ehrenbreitstein with Coblenz across Rhine River  Coblenz, Germany 12-13- 18 NARA111-SC-49403 Nurse at 326th Hospital bathing the eyes of gassed men, north of Royaumeix, France NARA111-SC-022015-ac SPAD XIII The Great War Remembered La Carriere des Yankees Featherston Camp (1916) PRINCI I WIDIT, MBRETI I SHQIPTAREVE. DURRES, PRANVERE 1914. Number 1304 ROBERTSON, William Melville Irish National War Memorial Gardens [April 2015] REF-103714 1st Div Parade, Wash DC 9-19 NARA111-SC-63896 Camp Michigan on the outskirts of Archangel, Russia 11-3-18 NARA111-SC-39155-ac Voisin VIII at the Aviation Experiment Station Langley VA  ca1918 NARA165-WW-22C-16 Armor and Gasmasks War Memorial, Upper Gardens, Bournemouth, Dorset Somme Commemoration in Birmingham City Centre 4 Ablaine St. Nazaire The Murray Ward at the Middlesex War Hospital, London  - WW1 WW1 Army Camp at Gawler, South Australia Carshalton Convent (St Philomena's School) Sports, 8 Jul 1907 Copy photograph ordered by Miss Barnes, nd S G Beauchamp, 18 Oct 1916 D Battersby, Esq, 16 Feb 1915 F E Birtill, Esq, 26 Mar 1915 AL-145 W.J. O'Dwyer World War One Image AL-145 W.J. O'Dwyer World War One Image 1A1182101_283348XXXVII017 Where Belgium greeted Britain, 4 December 1914 DSCF2373a KPM Berlin: Gedecke in Kobalt mit vergoldeten Reliefs und Reliefgold, 1915, Kriegsmarke Fokker Triplane 2
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