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The Italian 7744ex  coming through the brush DSCF4901 9980ex  White Rhino portrait There may be trouble ahead. Sunshine and Showers. Still impressive after all these years. Portrait of Sytze Old Soldiers. Candid of a Woman DSC04423 Candid of a Pilgrim DSC02269 DSC01792 A Seafaring Nation. Cold and alone. Caught in the flash. Depth of character. Addict sitting on the railroad tracks Days of smoke and steam. Seasoned Lines Ρυτίδες Rhino Dreadlocked Sadhu Portrait, Vrindavan India Old Man With Gulal on Face, Vrindavan India Old Man in Karnataka Cowboy Portrait with Horse, Carolina Del Principe Colombia Photo of an alcoholic with a poster HELP! Help stop drugs STOP! dreamland
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 old, portrait, man, face, woman, eyes, bw, blackandwhite, dog, white
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