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Leaf details - Détails de feuille Laterne tapeziert Japanese Shishito Peppers Grasping Elderly Quick foot snap Closeup of bell peppers Current events. Strong Coffee and Bad Poems blend Woman peeling fruit in the market, Phnom Penh, Cambodia Portrait of an elderly woman sitting in the market in Phnom Penh, Cambodia Wes Anderson Wavy Gills Optical Illusion [MacroMondays] [Crinkled, Wrinkled, Folded or Creased] Have a good week everyone! FOLDED Crinkled, Wrinkled, Folded or Creased Leaf details - Détails de feuille Dried Hosta Leaf - Feuille d'hosta séchée At least the sun is out. 20180511_131032626_iOS wrinkled and half eaten - b&w wrinkled and half eaten deep blue This is what being Turkey-Faced means! Wrinkled Lincoln 20180511_131019949_iOS 20180511_131031625_iOS 20180511_131035528_iOS 20180511_131035729_iOS 20180511_131108340_iOS
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