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20180511_131035729_iOS 9980ex  White Rhino portrait Sunshine and Showers. DSC04423 Pitbull an einer dicken Leine Steam and Sorrow on the Footplate. Wrinkled Steel Days of smoke and steam. I didn't see that coming. Rough-and-ready Old Bikers Elephant Walking on a Sidewalk Elephant Nature Park Am I too old to give up smoking ? Dickensian In a blink 20180511_131032626_iOS Ferryman and helmsman. folded At the pinnacle. Papercup wrinkled Ford. Don't be afraid of the Dentist. Mzkuze Falls  South Africa Rice sack for a mattress White Pine Bark At the Altar Cartoonish Lettuce Wrinkled Lettuce
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 old, portrait, man, face, wrinkles, elephant, woman, bw, white, macro
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