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Sutton Motor-In Ticket Booth

Sutton Motor-In Ticket Booth

The "A-Frame" ticket booth of this drive-in theater was first opened in 1947 and known as "The Sutton Motor In." The ten-acre drive-in could accommodate upwards of 450 cars with a 120' by 54' outdoor screen. Sutton Motor In operated well into the sixties, but "eventually began showing adult-themed movies." It closed in 1996, and was eventually put up for sale... According to the "Drive-In Theatre Preservation Society", the original owner’s son, Tom, has since passed away and the theatre went to his business partners. Around 2014, the land was offered for $1.4 million, despite being worth roughly a third that offering.

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Photo taken on 19 June 2013 (© TunnelBug / Flickr)

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