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over my dead body

over my dead body

Protest at Hafod Quarry, Johnstown, Wrexham, Wales, where waste is being dumped now in spite of continuing legal arguments about using the site for landfill. Two protesters got in front of the first lorry this morning just inside the entrance gate. The first lay in the road and the police, anxious to ensure that there should be not even a moment's delay in the tipping, hauled her out of the way, at which point a second protester took her place. The police spent some time talking with the second protester before removing him too. There were about 25 protesters at the police-approved demo on the other side of the road - plenty of camera crews in evidence. More pics in the Hafod Quarry Set in my photostream.

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Photo taken on 24 August 2006 (© Vertigogen / Flickr)

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