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Four Women From Taiwan

Four Women From Taiwan

Sun-Yung Alice Chang, Fan Chung, Wen-Ching Winnie Li and Jang-Mei Wu were all undergraduates in the same class at National Taiwan University; now they are, respectively, mathematicians at Princeton University, University of California at San Diego, Pennsylvania State University, and the University of Illinois. Coincidence? Unlikely. While ability was clearly there, as was drive, many women have both. Another important aspect in their success was the close friendship they developed as students in the 1960s, which supported them as they first pursued Ph.D.s in the United States and then careers, all the while juggling research and other life responsibilities. This history sheds a light into the past and is a lesson for the future: numbers matter, support matters, and when women have these, research careers blossom.

This photo and biography was featured on MAA's Women of Mathematics poster.

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Photo taken on 1 March 2012 (© Mathematical Association of America / Flickr)

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