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Cora Ratto de Sadosky (1912-1981)

Cora Ratto de Sadosky (1912-1981)

Cora Ratto de Sadosky was an Argentine mathematician, an inspiring teacher who worked in a part of the world that did not have a long tradition of mathematics research. She received her doctorate in mathematics from the University of Buenos Aires in 1958. Sadosky was part of the team that built a modern School of Sciences at the University and helped organize advanced courses for several generations of mathematicians and scientists, many of whom later became leaders of research communities in various parts of Latin America, North America, and Europe. She initiated a celebrated series of research publications and co-authored Introduction to Linear Algebra, a rigorous, modern text, and the first of its kind in Spanish. One of her most important contributions while at the University was to create the Albert Einstein Foundation, aimed at supporting talented mathematics and science students in need of financial help. Sadosky's fellowship and mentoring program helped hundreds of young Argentines, and was the first stage in establishing a university-wide scholarship system.

Image credit: Courtesy Cora Sadosky.

This photo and biography was featured on MAA's Women of Mathematics poster.

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Photo taken on 1 March 2012 (© Mathematical Association of America / Flickr)

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