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Porter Haus

Porter Haus

I opened the Miss SL Discord channel today, right at the very moment Zantyago Mannonen of Zan's mentioned they had made a tuxedo dress... and I was immediately tagged by my friend Kat Dassin who knew how badly I had been in need of this. Yes, need. Ever since the Oscars 2019 when Billy Porter made Glenn Close do THIS

I was determined to squeeze myself into it no matter what kind of fit it was - and at that point it was femme only - but the wonderful Zan made up a male top version right there on the spot then visited me at home to check the fit. Awesome, right?

You can get your copy at this link here and it has the male and female top versions included with a 5 colour HUD.


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Photo taken on 6 November 2019 (© Winter Jefferson / Flickr)

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