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I almost didn't attempt dressing up for Ween this year as I have been working my arse off and trying hard to not succumb to illness - we are on day 18 of the same migraine, WOOOO a personal record!

A few hours ago a costume occured to me and I pulled it together. First time since 2015 when I dressed as Gru that I haven't bent it genderwise, because this character is asexual.

I'm a slutty Flerken, duh.

Hopefully it comes across to at least the other MCU obsessives that this year I've decided to be Goose from Captain Marvel. Complete with the tesseract about to be swallowed into the pocket universe housed in my stomach. I know Goose is stripedy but the Adham bodysuit from Noche is as close as i'm going to get and it comes with these ears.

So it's late afternoon on the 1st of November here so I'm too late but you know what? I'm a vampire so I surely get at least a week's extra grace for Halloween.

P.S Don't worry Si, I'm not going to be offended that you didn't get this one! 😛

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Photo taken on 1 November 2019 (© Winter Jefferson / Flickr)

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