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Mono penstemon, Penstemon monoensis Laura's clubtail (Stylurus laurae) - yesterday Making custard! palms falling Wild Angelica Wasserschlauch Laws suncups, Chylismia claviformis subsp. lancifolia Close friends,Daviesia Perth bushlands. Great purple hairstreak - foty/RARE Weeds Taking Over Sunset over the Pilbara Shot by Mary as I videoed Purple Loosestrife - Salicaire commune Devis Tower (Bear Lodge, Devils Tower National Monument) Daisies Late summer collage Tiger swallowtail in fresh Fall wildflowers Oak on Hillside Mono penstemon, Penstemon monoensis Coville goldpoppy, Eschscholzia covillei Who Me! Toronto Ontario - Canada  - Edwards Garden -  Botanical Gardens -  Tulip  Bokehs Toronto Ontario - Canada  - Edwards Garden -  Botanical Gardens -  Bokehs Common  mullein - Grande molène Sunflower basal leaves of showy gilia, Gilia cana subsp. triceps Eyebright Uncertain - Milkweed Close Up Our ugliest weed - Alaska Bog Star flowers - Alaska
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