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Bronzed Cowbird

Bronzed Cowbird

Bronzed Cowbird (Molothrus aeneus), Laguna Seca Ranch, Texas. Displaying males raise the nape feathers (into a “ruff”), then the back feathers, then the body feathers, lower the head and tail, and hold open the wings, singing as they do so. When a female is present, males also perform a lively hovering display in flight. They usually start from a tree perch and fly toward the female, fluttering the wings and fluffing out the nape, back, and body plumage. This display usually occurs in the morning. During displays, males are territorial and intolerant of close approach by other males. Declining populations of Altamira Oriole and Audubon's Oriole in Texas appear to be associated with increased Bronzed Cowbird parasitism.

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Photo taken on 20 April 2019 (© Andrej Chudy / Flickr)

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