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grazing I had seen this White Rhino from elephant back as well From the bus I could get the White Rhino real close White Rhino- rhinos can charge suddenly and without warning Southern White Rhinos, Ol Pejeta Conservancy, Kenya A shy, retiring beast A nerdy animal in her environment Nice backside Perky ears Grazing white rhino Rhino on the move Gajagamini Rhino at Nakuru National Park Rhino and eland Low angle Right to left Group hug Mama gives a lesson in survival skills Male of the species with enormous horn The horned one White rhino encounter at Okapuka Ranch 9980ex  White Rhino portrait White Rhino Tank … A prodigious eater Female rhino tries to reclaim her pasture from elands Alpha herbivore Grazing rhinos Sunny day White rhino moves in
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