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The colors reflect off the clouds Union Canal, Dusk 06 Union Canal, Dusk 07 Union Canal, Dusk 08 Union Canal, Dusk 09 Sapphire lake amid autumnal mountains Christmas mood in London Moments so precious and rare Thumbs up reflection on the Worcester & Birmingham Canal under the Camp Hill Line Four armed sentinel New wonders alone to be beheld Leaving, questions racing thru the mind A towering bridge Please proceed to the exit, the museum is now closed Mama, are we there yet? On a rainy day in the Swiss Alps In the lakes of your dreams Facing the clouds that move A glass of water and bokehlicious bubbles My mind is pure and clean, rippling through space and time Sonic Runway and bubbles Wet landscape Union Canal, Dusk 01 Union Canal, Dusk 02 Union Canal, Dusk 03 Union Canal, Dusk 04 Union Canal, Dusk 05 Like Glass Late Afternoon at the Canal Early Morning Reflections
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 reflection, water, sunset, beach, nature, blue, clouds, river, sky, silhouette
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