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West Lakes Photos

Stick on Rock

Kids' Lounge

Dead Squid

Drying Black Wings

Shag in a Bad Mood

Pelican at West Lakes

Lattice Enclosed Stone

Shopping Mall Food Court

Five Red Stools

Shopping Mall Ambience

Lego Lounge

Big Mouth Pelican

Slaughter the Chiropractor

Yellow Flower Boat

Fisherman's Friend (West Lakes)

Keeping an Eye on That Fisherman

Pelican Buoy

Red Mazda 2

Carpark Tree

Westfield Gulls

Reserved for Hand Car Wash

Infinity Seemingly on Water

Dead Wet Fish

Everybody's Curious

Still Waiting; Still Hoping

Green Paddle Boarder

Converging in the Distance

Kneeling Stroke

Rowing Kneeling

Carnations on the Sand

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