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November pleasures

November pleasures

November. Usually a month to forget, I could easily skip in the calendar. Not this year, at least so far. With too many holidays left I took a couple of days off, working in the garden, or going pike fishing like today. The weather is great, misty mornings, sunny days, only the early sunsets remind us that the year is coming to an end. More remarkable than the catch was the dry weather, since April our area has not seen significant rain. Our club lake has lost an estimated 50% of the water. So far the fish have perfectly mastered the situation, let us hope the next month will show up with significant rain falls. Vegetation has recovered far better, the first few centimeters of the soil are wet now, the world looks green as in Spring. Gross Aschen, Lower-Saxony, Germany

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Photo taken @ Groß Aschen on 7 November 2018 (© blavandmaster / Flickr)

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