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Banana Moon

Banana Moon

I’ve been wanting to take a crescent moon shot for quite awhile now. Until doing some recent research on moon phases, I hadn’t realised that either the waxing or waning crescent was a more elusive subject than the full moon. The crescent moon spends less time in the night sky and is at lower altitudes, meaning less favourable conditions for photography.

Moon image tech info: Canon 5d Mark III on Celestron NexStar 4se 100mm telescope. This is a small reflector telescope (Maksutov-Cassegrain optical system). Moon phase 26.2% visible = waxing crescent. Distance from Earth = 375,412 kms. Altitude = 32 degrees.

The Moon is shown on a star field in the region of Taurus. Star field taken with a 50mm lens on a Canon 600D.

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Photo prise le 16 décembre 2015 (© Kevin Rheese / Flickr)

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