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Venus and the Moon Luna Creciente Jet passes in front of Harvest Moon at 40% of full on last day of summer Venus, Crescent Moon with Earthshine, and Jet [Explored] waxing crescent over downtown L.A. Crescent Moon 186/365: Tuesday, July 5, 2011: No Space Station and Waxing Crescent Moon 27% of Full Milky Way - My very first attempt at astrophotography! Full Moon - Southern Hemisphere waxing crescent Crescent Moon Flared Crescent Moon Crescent Moon Crescent Moon Moon, 32% of Full, 68% added flare :-) Moon, 32% of Full Waxing crescent Waxing Crescent Moon on Black Sky Waxing Crescent Moon on Dark Sky Waxing Crescent Moon on Blue Sky Moon over Howard Creek Moon over Howard Creek 335/365: Thursday, December 01, 2011: Day Moon through the Bell Tower CRESCENT'S AWAKENING DSC00644 PURPLE HAZE MILKY WAY Waxing Crescent 20110805 Waxing Crescent Moon 20110803 Waxing Crescent Moon Waxing Crescent Moon  - 10/4/11
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