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Catfish Water Lilies Water Lily I Saw Tail Lights Last Night in a Dream About My Old Life Great Expectations She's Seen it Before, She's Seen it Again Prickly waterlily Too Beautiful to Name Cragside Flowers-4 Pretty White Waterlily #16/100 Nymphaea ‘Purple Joy’ - The Beautiful Naples Botanical Gardens Lotus in Pink Water Lily Juvenile American purple gallinule stepping gingerly across the lily pads in Everglades National Park, Florida American purple gallinule tiptoeing through the lily pads in Everglades National Park, Florida Water Lily and Pads Cragside Flowers-2 Water Lilies Water Lily after thr rain after thr rain Water Lily Water Lily Too Beautiful to Name Mirror in the water Water lily Seerosen Slide copies August 1992 Too Beautiful to Name Slide copies April 1992, Kenya
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