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Campus visitor

Campus visitor

I wasn't a birder at the time, but I was entranced by this Great Egret that showed up one fall day at our campus lily pools. It would approach pretty closely if you sat quietly. I think it may have appeared several days in a row. It, or one like it, returned about a month later, and then again in April with a Snowy Egret in tow.

Range maps show this species as present only in the winter in coastal southern California, but I routinely saw it at Ballona in May and June, and eBird maps concur. I wonder why there's such a discrepancy. Perhaps it's the difference between "breeding range" & "summer range" (i.e., nonbreeding birds may remain during the summer).

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Photo taken @ Pasadena on 14 December 1998 (© Anita363 / Flickr)

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