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meant to be something else and arty but fnv didn't want to play nice. i bombed the whole place.

edit: kinda no one ever fixed fnv and it breaks every damn machine change so lemme tell you what it done and how to kick its butt.

▪i. got complete edition with all dlcs.
▪ii. the gog one's with 4gb patch integrated. or claims to be but we'll get to that.
▪iii. went on to follow that mod guide on steam: here - took few days of installing and fiddling but it worked. used nexus mod manager
▪iv. all's been grand until i decided to use enb's ... nevada skies urwl version worked but no enb appeared. tried frw which is a base simpler than nevada skies but has more compatible presets.
▪v. fallout decide to become a black screen.

[rest in morning. knackered.]

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Photo taken on 31 January 2018 (© Aced Acid / Flickr)

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