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Sunny Stortford June 15/10 Evening light on wasteland Red and green Sycamore seeds reach for the sun Beauty is in the eye of the beholder soft and gentle as a rose Pembroke Dock - wasteland near the Call Centre Cartooned Pembroke Dock - wasteland near the Call Centre Green shield bug  - Palomena prasina Blue geranium type - growing wild on wasteland - pembroke dock (2) Grass vetchling - Lathyrus nissolia (2) Grass vetchling - Lathyrus nissolia (1) Toad - Pembroke Dock wasteland (2) Toad - Pembroke Dock wasteland (1) Greyhound Stadium Farnborough Airfield Is this the Adonis Blue or one of the other 'Blues'? in flight the bee and the ant hello again shiny beetle and soft bramble flower Green and shiny Bramble flower - a promise of sweet and juicy blackberries Bee on Birds foot trefoil (lotus corniculatus) Honeysuckle starting Bidston Moss Northern Arizona Desert Northern Arizona Desert
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 decay, abandoned, urban, industrial, factory, urbex, landscape, graffiti, desert, industry
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