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Hanging around in the grounds of the Shwe Yan Pyay monastery in Nyaungshwe, Myanmar Jamaica -  Ocho Rios:  in a impressive bamboo grove Jamaica -  Ocho Rios: step by step to the top - overview of Dunn's river waterfalls Misty Mountains DSC07095-01 DSC07181-01 DSC07187-01 DSC07177-01 DSC07179-01 DSC07180-01 DSC07169-01 DSC07167-01 DSC07159-01 DSC07151-01 DSC07139-01 DSC07135-01 DSC07130-01 DSC07113-01 DSC07058-01 DSC07056-01 DSC07039-01 DSC07027-01 DSC07020-01 DSC07018-01 DSC07012-01 DSC07028-01 DSC06974-01 DSC06967-01 A free cat in a Canberra suburb DSC06988-01
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