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Nervously Waiting on line Volunteers on the Humber ferry 28 May 1961 (archive ref CD-103) (11) Ulaan Baatar street scenes UPA 1 Didn't want to come to this thing anyway. Girl waiting Hedgehog catching up on the news The road from Djerba - so, do you think I should ask her out? Waiting Woman waiting to cross the street in Bangkok's Chinatown Village Ceremony, Bali Pvris cuba V Long wait 37/365 Ford, John M. - The Dragon Waiting IMG_1276 Cordarrelle Patterson waiting for the kickoff hindsight... so they say. DSCF9810 Descartes Dog  Named Bear Waiting... 12-7242 [Dylan Passmore] Esperando el Bote Taxi Esperant 1 Texters Don't let the train hit you on the way out.
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