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Fiat 200 HP 1905

Fiat 200 HP 1905

The car showing is an interpretation version of a never built 200 HP Fiat Land Speed Record Car project conceived in 1905. Originally the car was designed to use two mated giant four cylinder engines, thus creating a massive straight eight "avant la lettre".
The Fiat Isotta-Fraschini Land Speed Record car in its current appearance was initially created by Graham Rankin and finished by current owner Mike Vardy.
The engine used is a Isotta-Fraschini 250 HP V6V six-cylinder 16.5 litre aero engine, which was used both in WWI bombers as in airships.

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Photo taken @ Heliport de Paris on 2 February 2016 (© tautaudu02 / Flickr)

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