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Common baskettail, female (Epitheca cynosura) Through This Way Lies A Story Make Way For Him Soft Top Protect The Little Ones This Green Looks Good On You No Dead Song For This One. Almost There Afterhours Just Green...And Spikey There Be Thorns Waiting For Tire A Path To Somewhere What Lies Below The Last One On The Shore Man, Bees Are REALLY Hard To Catch In Focus Black Eye Susans This Just In, Weeds Can Still Be Pretty Too Climb All The Steps She Be But Little But She Is Fierce Vogel State Park / Georgia - today Toy Camera - Vogel State Park Lake Trahlyta Afternoon Cabin IR Lake Trahlyta Trees IR Lake Trahlyta Afternoon - On Film INSTAX Vogel State Park 20161109-108A2871 20161109-108A2869 20161109-108A2868
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