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170115-N-LR795-063 11th Marine Expeditionary Unit continues deployment with Makin Island Amphibious Ready Group 161028-N-LR795-005 11th MEU_141103-M-RR352-181 170119-N-LR795-068 170119-N-LR795-059 161231-N-LR795-414 11th MEU prepares for amphibious rehearsals, Exercise Alligator Dagger A Marine with the Maritime Raid  Force climbs a caving ladder attached to an MH-60 Sea Hawk during a helocast training evolution 160815-N-LR795-266 160813-N-LR795-119 160813-N-LR795-169 160813-N-LR795-127 11th MEU_141213-M-RR352-009 11th MEU_141213-M-RR352-219 11th MEU_141213-M-RR352-273 11th MEU_141212-M-RR352-219 USS Comstock (LSD 45)_150106-M-RR352-064 11th Marine Expeditionary Unit (MEU)_141230-M-RR352-015 USS Comstock (LSD 45)_141218-M-RR352-027 USS Comstock (LSD 45) _141217-M-RR352-011 USS Comstock (LSD 45) _141217-M-RR352-116 USS Comstock (LSD 45)_141209-M-RR352-180 USS Comstock (LSD 45)_141209-M-RR352-013 USS Comstock (LSD 45)_141209-M-RR352-101 USS Comstock (LSD 45)_141207-M-RR352-010 USS Comstock (LSD 45)_141207-M-RR352-095 USS Comstock (LSD 45)_141207-M-RR352-159 USS San Diego (LPD 22)_141206-M-RR352-114 USS San Diego (LPD 22)_141206-M-RR352-148
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