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some things are easy & consent versus concern & why lawyers and bankers and real estate makers should be put on TRIAL in the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, by scott richard

first of all, the art of the “law” has evolved into the PROTECTION OF PRIVATE PROPERTY. you don’t need a history lesson in the development of law to know this. just look at the number of laws that protect private property versus the number of laws which protect humans.

and if you do look into it from a historical perspective, you will find that PRIVATE PROPERTY owned by the entitled drove most of the laws forward at a certain point in time when the WEALTHY and the ELITE took over the offices and house of the law.

in the UNITED STATES, for example, you were never INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY until 1958.

which seems strange, right? cuz you ALL believe it like a fking mantra and repeat it over and over again like a bunch of fking cows on their way to the abattoir — which is the french word for a slaughter house.

but this MASSIVE change in our laws was for the RICH AND THE ELITE. on the surface it may sound like a good idea, but if you even peel back the first layer you realize it’s a SCAM to INSURE jobs and placements for lawyers and judges and the framework of the PEOPLE WHO WORK “for” THE LAW. and these people aren’t always respectful of the law.

in fact, many of these people in the industry USE THE LAW to abuse others and to PROTECT THE WEALTH AND OPPORTUNITIES of the rich and elite.

we can see in the bullsht idea of the NON DISCLOSURE AGREEMENTS that have arrived to protect the CROOKS.

and the rich people are almost always CROOKS. they use lawyers and judges to avoid ever being fingered as a CRIMINAL. they use secondary HENCHMEN to do the ILLEGAL and CRIMINAL activity and pay them through shell companies so that TECHNICALLY, they never break a single law because they are “exploiting” loopholes. and, ironically, the lawyers usually create these loopholes in previous litigation on purpose to benefit their “clients”.

so it’a an ORIGIN question.

which comes first, the SHTTY people who use the laws to fk others? or the law ultimately represents the rich and the powerful.

you choose.

either way, it’s FKING ANTI-AMERICAN to let shtty rich people abuse the country with their contingents of lawyers and LIARS and usurers. but most people don’t even know this. they get hung up on modern time and never study history or read books or do any kind of research at all. sadly, most people are dependent on people like me who actually look into things and study the dismantling of this nation state.

but if you’ve got any strength or wisdom, you can put your back up against these shtty FAKE americans who are racists and hateful and monied beyond belief. but you won’t. i know you so well.

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Photo taken on 29 July 2019 (© torbakhopper / Flickr)

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