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Vermillion Colour Photos

An owl cafe near Fushimi Inari- Japan abounds in animal cafes

A view of the main Fushimi Inari shrine through the last torii gate

A couple of friendly Chinese girls agreed to take my picture

A historic wooden cafe on the walk to the Fusihimi Inari shrine

Cat masks in a shop on the long market street from the first torii gate to the Fushimi Inari shrine

Another cat themed gift shop on the market street to Fushimi Inari

And the usual adult DVD parlour near Fushimi Inari

I was amazed that this lady was sipping straight out of the orange!

I kept waiting for a lull to get a selfie made here

I suck at selfies,and my turned out pretty bad

A shop near Fushimi Inari selling Japanese fans and other traditional gifts

An unexpected lull in the crowds at Fushimi- Inari

An vermilion torii gate greets you long before you get to the Fushimi Inari shrine

You enter the path with those orange torii gates though that arch there

A Messenger Lucky Fox statue flanks both side of the stairs

Another orange torii gate and you are in Fushimi Inari

The path through the orange torii gates was horribly overcrowded

A lovely Japanese couple make their way up

A Dango (Japanese flavoured pounded rice balls) stall at the base of the Fushimi Inari shrine