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elotes y esquites ... Untitled A Little Squeeze Street vendor Beer and Boats At the snack bar Just hanging around Caught Up In The Moment Elevator Detail Shot I'm... I'm Blind! Vara the Fletcher Gork's First Crossbow Purveyor of Curiosities Potion Buyer Sunday Shopping A Surprise Performance Appraisal... Swordsmith and the Pasha of Kalabad Where Is That Magician Who Does The Stomach Pumps? Winch Guard Blunderbuss The Ascending Marketplace of Varrenas - Hagli's Finger Food carts Farm Market, California Frittierte Köstlichkeiten auf Spinatbett in einer Holzschale Deep fried delicacies sold at the streets (Flip 2019) Frische Gebäcke auf einem Regal verkauft auf die Straße in Plastik-Gläser Street vendor placing fillings of an empanada (Flip 2019) Luzern/Schweiz 21. März 2019 IMG_0370 Deep fried delicacies on spinach on display (Flip 2019)
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