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Spinel with inscription

Spinel with inscription

A rare large red spinel (balas ruby) of 249.3 karats. Engraved with royal chronology dated between 1449 and 1755.

This is part of the Emperors & Jewels exhibition: Treasures of the Indian Courts from the al-Sabah Collection, Kuwait. On loan to the Aga Khan Museum in Toronto.

On Boxing Day (no, not when people punch each other after Christmas, but a British tradition of 26 December as a holiday), I met up with John FitzGerald (Ipernity) or John FitzGerald (flickr) to visit the Aga Khan Museum, which is dedicated to Islamic artifacts. Special thanks to John for alerting me about the Emperors & Jewels special exhibition.

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Photo taken @ Toronto on 26 December 2018 (© Can Pac Swire / Flickr)

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