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Don't look away when peace is @ risk (see statement in description)

Don't look away when peace is @ risk (see statement in description)

For me it seems like we get flooded by unreflected and I-am-talking-but-don't-say-anything messages about the Paris attacks, so I feel like adding my two cents, too.

About Paris itself I have nothing to say besides: Terrible. What makes me even more sad though, is that many leaders and media representatives of the so called "free democratic world" are talking us into war.

They pretend that terror can be stopped by the war on terror. Actually the war on terror is the reason for most of this mess.

When was the last time that violence was stopped by even more violence? World War II maybe (having the Cold War as a consequence though). OK, so the goal is WW III?

Military forces of France were bringing war to different countries for years. But now they are wondering how this could strike back? Really? Mankind cannot be that blind-folded. This did not come by surpirse. This came as a natural consequence.

We regard Muslim people as pure evil by default. We have to stop that behaviour - not them. We have to face them with respect and accept that we are not God only because we were born in a western country like France, Germany or the US.

If you know what I mean I am pretty sure you also know that feeling of being helpless. So what can we do? We, ordinary people, to stop the never-ending spiral of violence?

If somebody tells you, WE have to fight thousands of miles away to protect OUR freedeom: Speak Up!

Elect leaders that stand for peace or skip election completely if there is no one you trust.

Start developing own thoughts and opinions instead of consuming the news. Inform yourself why the current situation of Syria, Iraq and IS is like it is. Learn from the past. We already made all possible mistakes. Stop repeating it!

Don't judge over people before you had the chance to get in contact and getting to know them.

But what might even be the most important thing: Be friendly. To as many people as possible but especially towards those who have a lower position than you!

Simply spread love. It sounds sooooooo cliche and hippy-daydreaming but it's still the most powerful weapon we have. Unfortunately many folks out there have no clue how to use it.

I truly believe in butterfly effects. Be nice to your close environment and you will save the world. I write it - I mean it!

Bombing for freedom is still like fucking for virginity. This will never ever change. Especially when you fight outside your own territory.

I love people from France, from Syria, from all around the world. I am pretty certain average people are quite peaceful, no matter where. So please don't oppress anyone and give him reason to fight.

The game of war is the game only few want. Don't get caught up in their game. Because we are the ones who have to pay. And we have to pay a lot in this case. Lives. Loved ones. Freedom.

Peace :)

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Photo prise @ Nuremberg le 20 novembre 2015 (© Momentchensammler / Flickr)

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