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The Citadel Jerusalem 1a Sana'a Persian gold coins Spinel with inscription Two archery rings Carved emerald and diamond pendant Sheikh Zayed Mosque - Abu Dhabi Bottle Base details of a candlestick Painting: Karim Khan Zand and His Close Circle Close up section of painting: Karim Khan Zand and his close circle Hassan II Mosque | Grande Mosquée Hassan II Grand Mosque, Xi'an Engraved shell A Mongolian Yurt Gold, jade, rubies and emeralds miniature Koran manuscript Rock crystal and gold cup Gold and gemstone pendant Handle for a staff John in colours John in black and white Quar'am Garden pool and fountain Wooden box Bronze and silver astrolabe Ewer Grand Mosque, Xi'an Grand Mosque, Xi'an Grand Mosque, Xi'an
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 wedding, bride, dress, groom, woman, portrait, white, flowers, love, marriage
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