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Graffiti Graffiti Graffiti Self-determined women a Greek style of preparation May Day for Freddie Gray, Oakland, CA 2015 « Arrêtez le massacre ! » 9501 : La Grand Pelade — maison ancienne à l’enduit traditionnel arraché, Lot-et-Garonne, mercredi 19 juin 2019, 20:07:37 Miss WINA did it again... « Arrêtez le massacre ! » 9814 : “restauration” (?) en cours, château de Labastide-Paumès, Haute-Garonne, mardi 2 juillet 2019, 18:31:57 Graffiti als Streetart, auf einer Hausfassade und Holztür in München, Deutschland Glaubt mir, heute Nacht gibt es Action. Beschädigte Fensterscheibe am Rand der Fridays for Future Demonstration in Köln « Arrêtez le massacre ! »  7540 : voici la plus belle place de “la plus belle ville du monde” au temps d’Emmanuel Macron et d’Anne Hidalgo, Paris, Concorde, dimanche 5 mai 2019, 13:53:03 picnic with asterix ¼ abfucken Ganz Berlin hates the police Eggpocalypse living in urban areas #Wegstein in der #Provinz / #roadstone in #province Pickup Communication Friends Graffiti at the former Sainsbury's Selly Oak Take your best shot - id-iom @ Play Dead [10] Bill: i'm off to work, seeya next time! S!M: give my regards to UNIT. Ten: NO, REALLY, DON'T. [9] Bill: i mean... fkn London, yeah?! 10&S!M: yeah. fookin London [8] oops! [7] oh nice! look, Razor, there's already some great protest stickers over the posters you put up when you were drunk after the xmas party... [6] ...i would NEVER hang posters CROOKED. do you know me at all?! ... then you could be in for a miserable life ...
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