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I had seen the influx of Chou Chou pictures on my stream the past week or so - when Flickr wasn't being eaten by pandas, that is - but hadn't thought a lot of it. Today my girl told me that it was closing and that's why. I had sworn I wasn't going to go there again after some personal events back in 2012 *cough cough wedding cough* but I decided it was time I got over that because the sim is just miraculously beautiful and worth it. So I had the joy of showing it to someone who had never been before. We all deserve that moment of wonder when your unbaptised friend climbs up the ladder and sees the glory of Memento Mori for the first time.

It's impossible to take a bad pic there, and I stand by that. Can you believe it's still all old school prims?

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Photo taken on 25 May 2019 (© Winter Jefferson / Flickr)

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