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Holding Pattern

Holding Pattern

I know; last week I was all WOO NEW LELUTKA WOO GUY MESH HEAD BRING IT ON but in a confession just between you, me and the rest of Flickr I haven't been able to find my own face in Guy yet. I've tried everything out there at the moment but I don't think the skin for me has yet been released.... looking at you Tab Viv... until then I am still very happy in my Lelutka Andrea face, and will foist it upon you a bit longer.

In the interim I have been having so much fun this week with surgery and extended hospitalisation and kidneys that have decided they are going to transform water into red wine - or at least that's how it looks at the moment - but I wanted to do at least one productive thing while I'm laying around feeling sorry for myself. And when Lode released this Pandora hair gacha at Shiny Shabby featuring my spirit animal I knew that had to be it. Also wearing The Claws II from Conviction at Equal10 because Eleanor was wonderful enough to make them for Belleza Jake too.

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Photo taken on 24 February 2019 (© Winter Jefferson / Flickr)

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